Increase profits by up to 15%

  • Cut your overheads and stocktake time by up to 60%
  • Reduce the discrepancy between stock and POS
  • Reduce the labor and admin resources required for stocktake
  • Train your staff, work more efficiently and reduce discrepancies by up to 75%
  • Write off any discrepancies off your tax with your 99.8% accurate reports


Cut up to 60% from your
stocktake time

  • Simple to use
  • Eliminate guesswork
  • No more manual sheets
  • Doesn’t require skilled staff to use
  • Integrates with your POS system


Reduce discrepancies like
overpouring by up to 75%

  • Reduce overpouring, free drinks & incorrect billing
  • Keep your staff accountable
  • Enjoy healthier profit margins

Massec is the most precise system of its kind with up to 99.8% accuracy. It allows for consistent, thorough, highly accurate inventories to help identify any common problems you may have.

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Massec is helping these companies save thousands


How the Massec Stocktake System Works


1. Scan

Scan the barcode of the bottle with the Massec barcode scanner, then simply place the bottle on the scale. The Massec app will calculate exactly how much of the drink is in the bottle with 99.8% accuracy and save the data in a format that is compatible with your POS software.

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2. Save

Stocktaking is not a one size fits all solution. We work with you to tailor a stocktaking procedure that is unique to your bar or venue, to ensure that your stocktake is completed in the most efficient way. Once your stock has been scanned & saved, you can easily export the data to your POS software.

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3. Export

Massec will create a file which can be imported into your POS system. This will allow you to easily print off your 99.8% accurate variance report. After printing off your report, you can investigate any issues and make more informed decisions for your business.

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- Sebastian Lepoittevin

General Manager, Print Hall (Colonial Group)

“I am really happy to have implemented Massec in our day-to-day business. It is fantastic value for money and has encouraged really positive changes. The team at Massec Australia worked along side us at The Currambine Bar and Bistro to find the most effective and quickest way to do stocktake. By using the Massec device it aided us in increasing our profit by 10% in the last year. Massec has really changed the way we feel about stocktake!”

- Stephen Tombides

Currambine Bar & Bistro

“The Massec system pointed out the biggest problem we had at the time: theft and overpouring of drinks for friends and acquaintances. Massec also cut the time required for stocktaking, saving us 70% of the associated labour costs. Such an approach has given us the ability to remove problems and thereby increase our profits by 15% in the first year of usage.”

General Manager, Sheraton Croatia

“We moved to the Massec system seven months ago, and in this time, we have cut our stocktaking time from five hours to only an hour and a half. We’ve completely eliminated human error from our stocktaking processes and have been able to focus more on customer service as we now have more time, and managers aren’t tied up in double-checking. We also notice far lower alcohol losses, and our sales have increased by 10%. Massec is the pinnacle of technology, and the solution that leaders of the hotel business such as Marriott have been working towards. We would not hesitate to recommend the Massec solution to anyone within the hotel and catering industry.”

Director, Courtyard Marriot Sarajevo

“Following two detailed stock-takes, it was a straightforward decision to keep the the Massec system as a necessary part in the running of our day-to-day business. The Massec technology brings incredible precision and simplicity and allowed us to eradicate most of the problems that we encountered with our previous system. In addition, we recorded an increase in profits from sales of alcoholic beverages of approximately 10%.”

Food & Beverage Manager, The Westin Zagreb


Key Product Features

Extremely simple to use

The Massec stocktake experience is designed to be extremely intuitive and effortless. With its simple plug and play design Massec has transformed the stocktake process from a laborious, inaccurate and time-consuming method into one that is simple, effective and most of all accurate. Massec’s straight forward concept now means that any member of staff can complete an accurate stocktake with ease.

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Integrates with popular point of sale systems

Integration is key for a seamless experience. The Massec system has key partnerships with the most renowned POS systems in the hospitality industry such as H&L, Triniteq, ImPOS, SwiftPOS, Oracle and many more. These integrations mean that your stocktake report can be uploaded to the POS system that you have in place with a single click. With Massec’s stock report you can immediately identify the discrepancies in your stock count and focus on coming up with solutions to increase your bottom line.

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Easily find variance

When you integrate the stocktake data with your POS system you have the ability to publish an extremely clear and easy to understand report. Massec’s transparent variance report can be used for direct cost saving applications like tax deductions and indirect profitability exercises such as training your staff on overpouring and incorrectly entering items at sale, which leads to increased profitability.

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High quality German engineering

Bars and clubs are tough environments where technology that is regularly used needs to be robust and of a high build quality. The Massec system is a German engineered product ensuring advanced quality, technology and reliability. The Massec system is designed to support your bar in its stocktaking and efficiency related efforts over the long term. Each Massec system comes with 24/7 support to ensure you never have to do a manual stocktake again!

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New! The Massec System Now Supports Kegs

Massec prides itself on being a complete stocktaking solution, and our latest innovation does exactly this – introducing the MassecKeg Trolley, which is designed for all things kegs. In addition to providing an accurate stocktake, MassecKeg Trolley will allow you to double stack your kegs, reducing manual labour and ensuring your coolroom stays organised. Whether you’re a brewery, pub, hotel and more, the MassecKeg Trolley will help you easily and accurately keep track of how much stock is left in your kegs.

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Massec Pricing

Monthly Investment - 36 Months

The Massec system is available on a 36 month payment plan. This option is perfect for businesses that do not want to outlay the full amount upfront and would like consistent support throughout their time using Massec.

Full device training and setup included

A full customisation of your venue's inventory

Fixed amount each
month, no surprises

100% tax deductible expense

3 year device warranty

Premium support included for entire term

$247.50 + GST

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Monthly Investment Includes:

24/7 help desk support, any time of the day or night.

If we cannot solve the problem within 12 hours, you receive a replacement device. 

Annual device calibration and maintenance repair. 

With every successful annual calibration, we increase your warranty by 12 months.

Monthly database and software update. 

Discounted pricing on spare parts if physical damage occurs.

Outright Investment

The Massec system can be purchased outright and a one year premium support package is included in the purchase price.


Full device training and setup included

We add in all of your custom inventory for you

No setup costs

100% tax deductible expense

3 year device warranty

Includes 1 year of premium support

$5495 + GST

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Outright Investment Includes:

24/7 help desk support, any time of the day or night.

If we cannot solve the problem within 12 hours, you receive a replacement device. 

Annual device calibration and maintenance repair. 

With every successful annual calibration, we increase your warranty by 12 months.

Monthly database and software update. 

Discounted pricing on spare parts if physical damage occurs


Of course! Adding items is easy. If there is an item that doesn't exist in the pre-built database, you can always add it yourself by filling out a short form within the app. You only need to enter the name, EAN code (which you simply scan), your internal product number and the unit you want the item measured in. For open bottles, you also need to enter the volume of the full bottle and the weight of the full and empty bottles. That is it! The item will be in your database forever.
The MASSEC device and app are so intuitive that anyone can use them! If your employees can read, then they are capable of using the device. There is no special training required but we will guide you through the process anyway. There is also a series of video tutorials coming up, so stay tuned!
There is a 2 year warranty on the Massec system.
The file is sent from the MASSEC system by email. This is done from within the app, and you get the file in your email inbox in a few seconds.
Yes. You can edit data in the app itself or you can edit the spreadsheet on your computer.
No. It is currently adapted to the Android platform only.
Even though that this isn't the intended purpose, our clients report that they have successfully used MASSEC for kitchen items and ingredients as well. It's fine as long as you don't overburden the device, which has a maximum carrying weight of 5 kilograms (11 lbs).
No, you can do everything on one device if you carry it around from venue to venue, but we do recommend using a separate unit for each bar you control, because that is the fastest and most efficient way to do stock-take.
Certainly, if your body weight is under 5kg!

About Massec

Accurate stocktake, less wastage and more profits.

The hospitality and entertainment industries are tough however running an efficient and profitable venue does not need to be. Massec has designed a concept to put bar owners back in control of their stock, staff and business.

Stocktake is often the least engaging and most time-consuming aspect of running a bar, particularly when staff start to practice a “close enough is good enough” attitude which will only lead to miscalculations.

By implementing the Massec system you will not only stop the miscalculations by 100% but you will also save on labour costs as less staff will be needed to execute the stocktake.

By using the Massec system you are guaranteed to add critical efficiencies into your business that will increase your bottom line by over 15%.

Massec is a revolutionary new system for bar owners to significantly reduce waste, increase profits, reduce labour time and gain transparency through an advanced stocktake system. Spirits, wines and kegs, Massec is your 1 stop shop.

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